Society of Plastics Engineers Blog

The Society of Plastics Engineers Blog has a nice explanation of the history and commercialization of the multilayer coextrusion manufacturing technology used to produce our data storage medium. Read More…

SPIE Newsroom Article

SPIE, an international optics society published an article about our data storage technology in its SPIE Newsroom feature. Read More…

Storage Newsletter

Storage Newsletter provides a nice summary and analysis of our technology and target market. Read More…

Ohio 3rd Frontier TVSF

Folio Photonics was selected for a Phase II Technology Validation and Startup Funds grant from the Ohio Third Frontier. The funding recommendation was quite positive: “The review team is confident the development team has the technical acumen and resources in place to execute the project. Once work has been completed at the end of the […] Read More


We were recently awarded grant funding from the MAGNET Product Acceleration and Technical Assistance (MPACT) program. This funding and manufacturing assistance will be used to further develop the manufacturing technology to fabricate a prototype optical disc based on our multilayer data storage film.