Welcome to Folio Photonics, the terabyte scale optical data storage company.

Every day, people around the world create approximately 2.5 exabytes of data, or 2.5 million terabytes.

Between 60 and 90% of this data becomes archival, that is never or seldom accessed, after three months, but is kept spinning on energy consuming hard drives. Currently available archival technology, such as magnetic hard-drives, tape, or blu-ray, can only store half of the data generated, leaving a huge gap in storage capabilities.

The Folio Photonics DataFilm Disc (DFD) is engineered to fill that gap, providing a low-cost, long-term, passive, optical data storage technology for archival applications. This storage medium is based on a highly scalable multilayer film, manufactured in a continuous roll-to-roll process. Our technology innovatively increases capacity by expanding to the 3rd dimension. We produce a multilayer film with dozens of data layers, separated by transparent buffer layers, which can be written with existing blu-ray optical technology.

This technology emerged from the National Science Foundation Center for Layered Polymer Systems at Case Western Reserve University.

Folio Photonics has an exclusive world-wide license for this new and patent awarded technology from Case Western Reserve University.

Here at Folio Photonics, we are committed to realizing affordable, reliable, and efficient data storage for the future.
Thanks for your interest.