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Over a 100 year period of use, Folio DataFilm discs result in 5-8x Lower Media Costs, 62x Lower Energy Costs, and 12X Lower Migration Costs.

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Lowest Up-Front Cost

The scalable co-extrusion process as part of an in-line assembly process creates a low-initial cost disc technology. This combined with a robust capacity roadmap to 10 terabytes per disc and beyond, promises low-costs well into the future.

Long Archival Lifetime

The robust nature of write-once photothermal technology and contactless optical read/write operations allows for data archival lifetime of a century and beyond. The backward compatibility of optical drives eliminates data remastering keeping media and hardware acquisitions in check.

Lowest TCO

The combination of low up-front cost, long life, drive backward compatibility, robust roadmap, low energy consumption, and relaxed environment storage conditions all contribute to a low total cost of ownership—many times less than the competition.

The Optical Advantage

Optical data storage has long provided robust, high-fidelity data storage through multiple technology generations providing a long-lived, random access storage medium that is impervious to moisture, immersion, and elevated temperature.

The Multilayer Advantage

Folio Photonics’ multilayer optical media provide for high capacity and thus lowest-cost per terabyte capacity. The ability to add additional layers promises a robust capacity/cost roadmap to 10 terabytes. The roll-to-roll coextrusion processes is highly scalable in area as well as number of layers further reducing up-front cost.

Scalability for Datacenters

The recent development of scalable, backward compatible disc libraries promises a data-center ready technology. Systems advantages both in hardware and software suggest paths to performance exceeding present-day magnetic media archiving methods.

Pioneering Research

Folio began in the labs of Case Western University and is continuously innovated through in-house labs today. Read the peer-reviewed literature that began everything.

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