Solving the Challenges of Enterprise Optical Storage

Unique and highly scalable manufacturing process introduces unheard of economics. Provides a roadmap for continued increases in capacity and cost reduction.

How it Works

It Starts With Novel Materials

Folio Photonics achieves high layer counts and layer densities using novel fluorescent materials, mitigating issues of interlayer crosstalk found in traditional reflective media.

Multi-layered Film

These nanophotonic materials are embedded into multi-layer films via an efficeint co-extrusion manufacturing process, enabling Folio to achieve record-low media costs.

High Capacity Discs

Discs are the first application of Folio's multi-layered film — providing random and rapid access to data across 16+ layers.

Photonic Drives

Data is accessed through a proprietary drive with a novel confocal OPU to track through layers at high spin speeds.