Reenergizing Storage Media Innovation

Folio Photonics is reenergizing storage media innovation with the first-ever enterprise-scale, immutable active archive solution that delivers breakthrough cost, margin, and sustainability benefits.

A New Path for the Global Datasphere

By leveraging game-changing advancements in materials science to create dynamic multi-layer write/read capabilities, Folio’s technology overcomes historical optical constraints to reshape the trajectory of archive storage. Ideal for datacenter and hyperscale customers, Folio’s next-generation storage media radically reduces upfront cost and TCO while making data archives active, cybersecure, and sustainable.


Steven Santamaria
Kenneth D. Singer, Ph.D.
Greg Kittilson
VP of Engineering
Maria Anzola

Investors and Backers

Board Members

Felix Brueck
Board Executive Chair & Director Emeritus, McKinsey
Robert Pavey
Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures
Ronn Richard
CEO, Cleveland Foundation
Tim Schigel
Partner, Refinery Ventures
Joe Taylor
Previous CEO, Panasonic USA
Adam Sharkawy, PhD
Partner, Material Impact