Futureproof Hardware

Long-lived, high capacity, random access storage mediums impervious to the elements — delivered at the lowest cost per TB.

Groundbreaking TCO

Compared to 50 Years of HDD


Lower Cost


Lower Energy Use

Compared to 50 Years of Tape


Lower Cost


Lower Energy Use

Purpose-Built for Perpetual Storage

With increasing amounts of data being generated and re-archived every year, 42M Petabytes of perpetual data storage will need to be deployed by 2030 to meet global demand.

Comparing One Petabyte TCO

Folio Keeps Data ALIVE

    Folio Disc

    $3/TB Media Cost
    With roadmap to <$1/TB


    $8/TB Media Cost


    $20/TB Media Cost,

    Unparralled Media Lifespan

    Folio Discs experience minimal wear and have near-infinite backwards compatibility — drastically cutting down on migration costs.

    Folio Disc

    Protected and secure via encryption, airgap, and physical Write Once Read Many structure


    Even though it is Write Once Read Many, data changes and deletion are possible due to physical data overwriting


    Physical Data overwriting enables changes and deletion

    Folio Disc

    Impervious to EMP

    Unaffected by Radiation and Saltwater

    Resilient to Heat, Cold, and Humidity

    HDD & TAPE

    EMP Causes Total Data Loss

    Destroyed by Radiation and Water

    Climate-Control Required

    Upper Layers: Device, Lower Layers: Climate Control

    Low Power Consumption

    Folio Discs require no power when data isn't being accessed and have minimal climate control requirements.

    Product Roadmap

    Folio Photonics has a track record of success achieving both scientific and engineering milestones. Learn more about the future of cost containment and data storage technologies in our TCO whitepaper.

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    1. 2017 Multi-Layer Film Extrusion & Disc Construction Began
    2. 2020 Static Disc Validation Completed
    3. 2021 Dynamic Disc Validation Completed
    4. 2022 Super Multi-Layer Drive Alpha Testing Begins
    5. 2023 Beta of Drive Begins With Select Partners
    6. 2024 Commercial Disc and Drive Available to General Public