Exponential Increase in Data Center Energy Savings

Folio Photonic's DataFilm-based media is disruptive in both cost and energy consumption — well positioning it as a solution for the nation's growing data storage requirements.

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The Coming Surge

For the past decade, increases in global datasphere have been mitigated by cost savings in hyperscale infrastructure, adoption of public clouds, and media capacity growth. But with cloud efficiency gains plateauing and media cost per TB bottoming out, a drastic increase in power usage and cost is expected.

Currently, data centers use 3% of the United States’ electricity (126 Billion kWh), but this number is expected to increase to 8% by 2025 (226 Billion kWh).

Folio Enables Continued Datasphere Growth While Mitigating Cost and Energy Burdens

When storing current and coming archival data, the primary concerns are data security, durability, and low cost of storage — both the cost of initial storage and the cost to manage it for decades. For these concerns, SSDs and HDDs are failing to keep pace, paving the way for Folio's DataFilm-based media.


Requires zero power or environmental cooling for written data storage


Lowest TCO with clear roadmap to <$1/TB media cost


+100 year media life and and infinite backwards compatibility


Encryption, air gap and WORM to prevent unauthorized access

Industry-Transforming Technology

Folio Photonics’ DataFilm-based media utilize an extruded multi-layer photonic film embedded with photo-sensitive fluorophores, chromophores, or quantum dots to transcend traditional optical layering limitations.

This novel storage medium enables the creation of multi-TB discs, cylinders, and tapes with 100+ year lifespans and the lowest $/TB cost.

Domestically Produced

Folio Photonics is wholly owned by domestic investors. DataFilm is the only legacy storage medium entirely developed and manufactured in the United States.

About the Company

Folio Photonics, Inc. was founded as a spin off from the Case Western Reserve University for Layered Polymeric Systems, a National Science Foundation funded Science and Technology Center. Folio Photonics is currently headquartered in Solon Ohio with a team of 14 scientists and engineers specializing in digital optical disc storage technology.

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